The Mob Behind Your Success

At Mighty Mob, we are passionate about a few things: technology, problem solving, American innovation and quality, and working with organizations we believe in. Our work spans companies, from startups to multi-nationals, but we’re most proud of our work with charities. We offer agile services, working at both the front and back, or end-to-end, and our business is multi-lingual. We work in Xamarin, C#, Java, C, Objective C, Ionic, React, React Native, Angular, SQL, No SQL, node.js, .Net, Firebase, Azure, AWS, AI, Cognitive Computing, Real Time Computing and many more. We believe batteries, bandwidth, and memory are scarce resources that must be conserved with utmost reverence, and we wish we could amend the Constitution to make data security and privacy an inalienable right. HIPAA, Hitech, and PCI – we get it! We can’t wait to share our skills, resources, and passions with you.


Our customers have amazing ideas!
We turn those ideas into stunning apps and scalable services.

doctoc logo

doctoc is a mobile and web application that improves patient health and hospital staff efficiency at large hospitals. Technologies: Microsoft Azure, SQL, Encryption, HIPAA and HiTech, iOS and Android support.

Choice Hotels International’s app that allows customers to find hotels around the world, make and manage reservations, and access their Choice Privileges account from their iPhone and iPads. We provide on going support to add new features and functionality to the app.

My Dental Files

My Dental Files is a HIPAA compliant secure way for you to access your dental records. Technologies:, Microsoft SQL, C#, Obective C, CoreData, Encryption, Push Notifications

FlashDrive is a document storage and management service for small businesses and their clients.  *Currently in development Technologies: Amazon AWS, React Native, MongoDB, node.js.

Reflash is a real estate flashcards and dictionary for sales agent examinees and professionals!  Technologies: Xamarin, C#, SQLite, iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets.

Busy Agent is an app designed to assist Real Estate agents in logging daily tasks and automatically reporting a weekly status report to their customers. The app finally makes the process of tracking and reporting sales efforts easy and efficient. *Currently in development Technologies: Ionic, Firebase.

Judgment is a playing cards game from India that challenges one’s analytical brain to the fullest. Developed in Objective C, the game has thousands of downloads from playing-cards enthusiasts from around the world. Ad Colony supported free version of the game is available, too.

Mongoose is a playing cards game from India that entertains young and old alike with easy strategies and exciting outcomes. Developed in Objective C, the game has thousands of downloads from playing-cards enthusiasts from around the world. Ad Colony supported free version of the game is available, too.

CareStratus RN is a hospital nursing workflow app that helps users communicate with all caregivers efficiently. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Talkies  is a Software as a Service to small businesses that facilitates enhanced telephony integrated with built-in AI (enable business insights), marketing engine (increase revenue) and efficiency tools (such as chat-bots/auto-attendants for order taking that reduce costs). *Under development Technologies: Amazon AWS, React Native, MongoDB, node.js

Operating System Of Things is a tiny real-time kernel for building Internet of Things applications. It is ported to x86 and ARM architectures and supports primitive file system and TCP/IP stack.

Chinmay Patel, Founder

Chinmay is an experienced technology leader and the driving force behind MightyMob. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo, and has more than 20 years of experience in technology leadership, software development lifecycle, and hands-on programming and debugging. He is a technology expert and thought leader in these spaces.

Before founding MightyMob, Chinmay was instrumental in establishing Intel Corporation in the key area of cloud storage. Under Chinmay’s leadership, his team developed complex, high-performance algorithms and highly optimized software to ensure Intel’s leadership in the cloud data centers. Chinmay also served as software architect for an Internet security firm that developed solutions using CheckPoint and Microsoft security software. In addition, he has co-authored a real-time operating system that powered image processing and sort systems at the US Postal Services. He is awarded a US Patent for his invention in computer system architecture.